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The Hath were a race of fish-like humanoids. Hath were a humanoid race with purple and orange, fish-like skin and small headcrests running along the top of. Hath Peck was a Hath who fought in the war against the humans on Messaline. The Human-Hath War was a war on the planet Messaline that lasted seven.

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Hath Gable was the leader of the Hath colonists in their war with the human. Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted. Die Hath sind eine humanoide amphibische Fisch-Spezies. Sie scheinen mit Menschen kommunizieren zu können, aber die TARDIS kann die Sprache nicht.

The Hath were a race of piscine humanoids and they are one of the villains in the Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Daughter. They are desended from fish. The Doctor's Daughter is the sixth episode of the fourth series of British science fiction The TARDIS takes the Doctor, Martha, and Donna to the planet Messaline. Cobb explains that, initially, the humans were meant to live with the Hath, but a dispute arose over something called the Source, which Cobb believes has. Information about the characters in Doctor Who. Watch: The Monster Files · The Monster Files · Watch · Watch: Making the Hath · Making the Hath · Watch.

Doctor Who at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and The Hath are a fish-like species, around the same height as humans. David Tennant in Doctor Who () Georgia Moffett in Doctor Who () Catherine In the ensuring confusion of their arrival, Martha is abducted by the Hath. Spoilers aplenty in our review of this week's Doctor Who The Hath on the warpath in The Doctor's Daughter. Plenty of spoilers here!.

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