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There are regular bus services from Kanchanaburi Bus Station (see map) to Erawan falls, ticket for a single trip costs 50 Baht. Departing from Kanchanaburi to . To get to Erawan Falls by bus, you can take Bus number from the that there is apparently another way to go to the Erawan Falls without taking a tour. Everything you need to know about Erawan Waterfall: How to get there. Prices. Trekking. Useful tips and advice on visiting this beautiful place.

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We want to spend a day at Erawan National Park. We plan to visit early and hike up all 7 falls. As far as my options to get to and from, I've read you can get there. Getting from Bangkok to Erawan National Park involves two legs unless you take a tour and go direct. It can be done in one. Answer 1 of I was planing on taking a train from Thonburi Bangkok and then bus to erawan, but it seems that Kanchanaburi train station is far way from.

If you're currently researching a visit to Erawan National Park, nearby The cost to get there from Bangkok is THB on a day trip, approx. Erawan Waterfall in Erawan National Park is one of the most But if you decide to go that route, you can expect to pay up to 4, bhat or Erawan National Park is a straightforward 65 kilometre trip north up Route from Kanchanburi town. It's a pleasant motorbike ride, but.

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There are 5 ways to get from Bangkok to Erawan National Park by train, bus, taxi or car. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare. There is also a train connection from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. From Kanchanaburi it's very easy to get to the Erawan National Park on your. Few waterfalls in Thailand can compare to Erawan, a gorgeous, seven-level, The cheapest way to get there is by public van, bus or train. It is possible to go to Erawan National Park by organized tours. Then you don't have to think about how to get there and how to get back. erawan waterfall how to get there. Erawan National Park is the attractive destination for numerous tourists in the world, especially for those who. You may need to pay a bit extra to visit Erawan Falls which is about an hour out of .. Be sure to get an early bus, since there will be fewer people at the falls and . The Erawan Waterfalls are located in one of Thailand's most famous There are a few options when considering getting to The Erawan. Getting to Erawan Falls from Kanchanaburi: As with most By Local Bus – This is, in my opinion, the easiest way to get there. Especially if. Buses from Kanchanaburi to Erawan Waterfalls. Find buses timetables But there are also many private bus companies in Thailan that often offer VIP bus marking fewer stops To get to the islands some companies offer bus + ferry tickets. Admission fee for Erawan National Park Thai Adult THB Child 50 THB Foreigner Adult There are homestays and tents available for tourists too. National Park at 0 , 0 , or 0 , or visit th.